Did You Know.

The word “accountant” is not legally protected, which means anyone can call themselves an accountant without being qualified.

Don’t worry we are :

  • Fully Qualified – all our accountants are qualified.

  • Practicing Certificate – proves we have real world experience as well.

  • Fully Insured – in case the worst happens.


Of course it’s your company ! If you’re looking to change your accountant for any reason, all you have to do is contact us. Sign up and then you can leave the rest to us. We’ll get all your financial information from your existing accountant and transfer it to our systems.

We will need you to sign a couple of forms and we will take care of the rest, we will contact your old accountant, HMRC and Companies House on your behalf.

We don’t charge transfer fees and generally neither will your old accountant, however it’s worth checking. If you have outstanding fee’s your old accounatant may want you to settle these before they will talk to us.

Unfortunately it’s a case of how long is a piece of string as it depends on how long it takes us to get your information from your previous accountant.